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Episode #387 – The Magical Marvelous World of MollyDooker Wines

On today’s Grape Encounters radio Host David Wilson couldn’t be happier than to spend some quality time with two fellas who, along with the mom of the family, are rockin’ the wine world down under… and, thank goodness, sending plenty of their world renowned Mollydooker wines to the US. Imagine, having your wines rated among the top 10 worldwide.

Sparky and Luke Marquis of Mollydooker
Sparky and Luke Marquis of Mollydooker

David asks Sparky and Luke Marquis (the “s” is NOT silent) about their blending program and most significantly, what it takes for a wine to make it into one of their bottles of Mollydooker wine. In winemaking, it’s more common than not to try to blend imperfections out of a wine. During the show, Sparky makes it clear Mollydooker won’t go down that road and explains the three tests that every wine must pass before it is incorporated into a Mollydooker blend.

This week’s show will give you plenty of insight into the making of their extraordinary wines. In the grand scheme of things, they’re technically a fairly new brand, but in their determination to make wines that suit their personal palates, it turns out than an awful lot of prominent judges and publications share their taste. Accordingly, in recent years, their wines have garnered near perfect scores and have repeatedly been ranked among the world’s top 10 best wines. Despite these extraordinary accomplishments, you’ll be taken aback by how incredibly humble our guests from down under are!

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