September 27, 2023

Craft Beer vs Boutique Wine

Assortment of beer glasses on a wooden table.

Episode #399 – Beer vs Wine: Just Who is Copying Who?

CRAFT: The California Beer Industry
CRAFT: The California Beer Industry

It’s amazing to see what is happening in the craft beer industry. Just a few years ago, wine had replaced beer as the most popular adult beverage in America. But boy oh boy, is beer picking up steam… perhaps Anchor Steam that is! The craft beer industry is going bonkers with new microbreweries popping up every week and new and completely off-the-wall beers being produced at a dizzying pace… which begs the question, “Is the craft beer industry taking cues from the wine industry?”

To help David answer that question, we welcome guest Jeff Smith, Producer and director of Craft: The California Beer Documentary. Jeff decided he was going to visit 80 breweries in 30 days!  In doing so, the similarities between the boutique wine business and the craft beer business became obvious. You’ll see what we mean on this edition of Grape Encounters.

Also on this week’s Grape Encounters, David introduces a new wine accessory that he and his team have been working on for eight years! This week, it goes public! Stay tuned to learn more.

Finally, a series of stories that make up this week’s edition of Grape Encounters News. Listen in if you want to be the most informed person at your next dinner party!

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