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Episode #402 – Down to Earth Month and Korbel’s Commitment to Sustainability

Bubbling Over with Pride: Down to Earth Month and American Champagne Producer Korbel Shares Their Unbending Commitment to Sustainability

Korbel logoThis week on Grape Encounters Radio, Rick Marson, the Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Manager at legendary Korbel Champagne Cellars talks about why his company is so determined to protect and nurture the land that produces American-made Champagne that is truly on par with France’s finest.

California WInes logoApril is Down to Earth Month in California and each year, more and more wineries join the parade of producers determined to raise the bar of environmental stewardship. As his title indicates, Rick Marson is not only devoted to protecting the land that provides such a remarkable bounty; his job is to literally assure that the land survives and THRIVES.

Korbel is one of the crown jewels of American winemaking and we think you’ll be delighted to hear about the great lengths they go to to deliver an awesome product in the most conscientious way.

Sara Schneider
Sara Schneider, Wine Editor, Sunset Magazine

The show concludes with a delightful installment of “Sippin’ with Sara,” with Sara Schneider, the Wine Editor of Sunset Magazine. Is it time to come back to one of history’s most popular varietals after a long dormancy period caused by the words of a fictitious character? Listen in and find out!

Find out more here: CA Down to Earth Month and Korbel and Sara Schneider

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