September 28, 2023

JCB Sustainability

Episode #404 – Speaking Sustainability with the Uncontainable Jean-Charles Boisset!

We can think of no one in the wine industry so fully charged with creativity, so committed to the notion of never saying never, and so delightfully engaging and charming as Jean-Charles Boisset. His friends call him JCB… and yes, he has a multitude of friends. He’s a character that gets things done with a vision that seldom if ever borrows from competitors. In fact, he is more likely to incorporate ideas from the Lido in Paris into his wineries than from the many amazing wineries of Napa and Sonoma.

Jean-Charles and David at Raymond Vineyards

In this edition of Grape Encounters, David sits down with Jean-Charles to talk about sustainability and being good stewards of the land. Within minutes you will be convinced that JCB knows Mother Nature personally and perhaps sits down and has tea or a glass of bubbly with her while the great lady of Earth spells out her marching orders for her beloved and faithful servant.

JCB is impossible not to love, and you will understand why we say that after only a few minutes of listening in. But goodness knows, this is one of those interviews you wish you had a camera rolling on, as Jean-Charles rolls around the room gleefully, occasionally showing his red shoe soles and center stage showmanship… never once dropping the mike.

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