September 22, 2023


Episode #428 – VINOME Lets Your DNA be Your Sommelier!

Genes affect your senses of taste and smell, which in turn influence your wine preferences.

Genome – vinome? Grape Encounters host David Wilson has long insisted that our taste in wine is no simple accident. For years, David has been noting the relationship between things we love (and hate) in our everyday world and our preferences in wine. David frequently asks listeners to tell him their preferences in music, film, colors and even foods. After asking between 12 and 20 questions, David chooses a wine for the participant based on years of observation. The result? An uncanny track record of choosing wines perfectly. By the way, David NEVER asks any questions whatsoever about the subjects’ wine preferences.

Vinome's Kit to sample your DNA
Vinome’s Kit to sample your DNA

So, imagine how excited David was to learn that a company called “Vinome” created by a team of genetic scientists and wine experts is now using DNA insights, the science of taste, smell and taste preference information to pair wine lovers and wine discoverers with wines they love. All it takes is a tiny DNA sample swabbed from inside the mouth. Once the results are obtained, you can use it to guide future wine buying purchases or shop for hard-to-find boutique bottles at Vinome’s online Marketplace. Vinome also has a very unique online quarterly wine club. Either way, Vinome delivers direct to your doorstep. Promoting the American artisan winemakers, Vinome has piqued the interest of the wine industry since its launch in late July.

David talks with co-founders Ron Andrews, Sara Riordan and Shannon Kieran about Vinome, one of the first companies to apply the science of taste and the vast body of genetic research to a new and broadly accessible experience – a groundbreaking connection between a person’s DNA and lifestyle. The personalized wine service, available exclusively on, an online marketplace of DNA-powered products, analyzes the nuances of taste preferences, along with 10 genetic markers related to smell and taste to identify eight unique Vinome taste profiles that are uniquely yours. Vinome’s team of founders and developers dig deep into the show which ends with the Vinome team challenging David to be a test subject. Who’s would turn down an offer like that?

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