June 3, 2023

Napa Valley Entertaining

Episode #435 – Napa Valley Entertaining with Blakesley Chappellet

Napa Valley EntertainingMeet Blakesley Chappellet, Author of Napa Valley Entertaining

If you think Napa Valley Wines are amazing, you should see how the vintners of America’s premiere wine region party! The term “Napa Style” can often be heard in conjunction with entertaining, decorating and even dressing in a way that reflects the nature of the legendary valley.

Blakesley Chappellet, author of Napa Valley Entertaining
Blakesley Chappellet, author of Napa Valley Entertaining

But just what is Napa style? Stuffy and pretentious? Not a bit! In actuality, it can run the gambit from re-purposing wine country relics to glitzy affairs that never upstage the valley’s farming heritage. Well, at least that’s David’s impression of doing thing the Napa way. However, David always prefers to defer to the experts, and who better to ask than Blakesley Chappellet, author of the brand new book, “Napa Valley Entertaining.” After all, Blakesley is a member of one of Napa’s pioneering families, the Chappellets, who were featured on the last episode of Grape Encounters.

Napa Valley EntertainingJoin David for an hour-long conversation with Blakesley Chappellet, as she discusses her book which offers an intimate profile in words and pictures of what it’s like to attend social affairs with 28 winemaking families in the Napa Valley.

This is your personal, VIP invitation to get a first glimpse at Napa Valley Entertaining!


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