September 25, 2023

WIne COuntry Table book

Episode #508 – The New Book: Wine Country Table

If you’re into wine. one of the most important concepts and subjects of conversation is “sustainability.” It’s something that most people have had a tough time wrapping their arms around, but in today’s episode of Grape Encounters Radio, you’ll be able to bring the sustainability concept into your kitchen with the help of Alison Jordan, Executive Director of the California Sustainable Wine Growing Alliance, and also VP of Environmental Affairs for the Wine Institute. Joining Alison is Janet Fletcher, whose new book, published in conjunction with the Wine Institute – Wine Country Table – offers great insight into the sustainable movement and shows amateur and professional cooks alike how to best take advantage of the sustainability concept.

Janet Fletcher is a multiple winner of the James Beard Award, and if you have any question about just how delicious her recipes are, ask David, because he sat down and enjoyed several of them at the launch of the Wine Country Table Cookbook. You can get even more information about Janet Fletcher and the Wine Institutes cookbook at

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