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Episode #515 – Latest Wine News

Catching Up on the Latest Wine News

There’s been a lot to talk about in the news in the past couple of weeks and we need to get you caught up. Grape Encounters Announcer Brentanamo joins David in the studio to banter about some of the hottest topics of the day, including Vladimir Putin’s wine estate in Spain and the storage of his massive wine collection in Moldovan Caves.

Next up is wine competitions and wine judging, including the important things that you really need to know.

Then, the wines served in first class and even economy on airlines. It’s not all bad news and you shouldn’t resist the temptation to purchase a bottle or two when you’re heading from Point A to Point B.

Finally, the relationship between wine and personality, it’s much more significant than you think, and you’ll be very surprised to learn that your personality speaks volumes about your preferences in wine. Yeah.

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