September 25, 2023

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Episode #520 – Wine Regions That are Off Your Radar: Lodi and Clarksburg, CA

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This week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio begins with an important announcement that we couldn’t be more pleased to tell you about.  Total Wine & More, America’s leading wine retailer, has joined the Grape Encounters Bandwagon as our lead sponsor. The sponsorship extends through the end of the year and gives us the opportunity to vastly expand our reach.

On this week show, we talk to the Lodi Winegrape Commission’s Executive Director, Stuart Spencer. If there was ever a wine region that should be on everyone’s radar but isn’t, it’s Lodi. Lodi is a massive region providing grapes to winemakers in many other regions. Even though you may not know it, there’s a better than good chance that you have enjoyed Lodi wines without knowing it, for a very long time. What’s this about?  Next, we move on to the region of Clarksburg, California, and joining us is the Executive Director of the Clarksburg Wine Growers and Vintners Association, Tom Merwin.

This is a truly awesome region that is nestled in the Sacramento River Delta, where you can spend days, if not weeks, if not months, roaming around the area by house boat without ever seeing much of any sign of civilization  What you can do is park alongside a levy, climb up the embankment and visit a wide variety of amazing wineries that are definitely off your radar, but incredibly wonderful.

Finally, on today’s show, Tony Corrallo of Trium Wines tells us how he went from becoming a wine club member to the winery owner. Also joining Tony is Jacob Colmenero of the Asante Foundation. He’s the Development Officer of this organization, which puts on one of the finest wine events in America; The Oregon Wine Experience. Grape Encounters will be at the Oregon Wine Experience in late August, and you should join us there!  Learn more about this amazing event and the incredible good that it does for children with health issues in their part of the country. They are not the only ones that use wine as a way to benefit people in need, but this is certainly one of the great events that shows just how much good can be done with a bottle of wine.

This week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio is brought to you by Total Wine & More.

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