September 28, 2023

Canned wine

red grape juice isolated on white background

Episode #522 – Canned Wine and Turning Wine, Oh My!

A few weeks back, David interviewed Allan Green, the founder and Executive Director of the International Canned Wine Competition which is a first of its kind being held in Boonville, California. Since that initial interview, there have been a plethora of stories out about the subject and it appears we better be prepared for a major influx of canned fermentations. Before you say, “It’s just a flash in the can,” listen in to this update that will most certainly pique your curiosity as wine consumption continues to diversify!

Next up on the show is longtime contributor Wes Hagen. Whenever David wanders into a subject area that is a little overly complicated, Wes is his first go-to guy. In this particular case, David is a little frustrated by the fact that so many people are quick to say that their wine has turned to vinegar. Did it really? The answer may surprise you. Moreover, should you take that wine that is no longer pristine and pour it into your pasta sauce? If you’re unsure about the answer, you best listen to this edition of Grape Encounters Radio!

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