September 25, 2023

Episode #523 – Wine Mistakes Every Wine Lover Should Avoid

From choosing the wrong wine club to failing to preserve wine properly, David looks at some of the most common wine mistakes that enthusiasts often make and how to avoid them. Have you quit as many wine clubs as you’ve joined? That could be because you’re signing up for the wrong reasons. That doesn’t mean the club is bad, it may just mean that the club is bad for you. Also, should you dump out a bottle of wine that just isn’t your taste? Not so fast! Learn why you should not be too quick to dump out a wine that isn’t your cup of tea. (Metaphorically speaking.) And, how can a bottle that is smaller than a 750 ml wine bottle prevent your wine from going bad? Answers to this and much more on Episode 523 of Grape Encounters Radio.

And an interesting follow-up to an earlier show on wine allergies. David tells the story about a first-hand observation of someone turning bright, bright red after just a single sip of wine and how this poor fellow was able to reverse this severe allergic attack in just minutes. Listen and learn!

This episode of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine and More!

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