September 22, 2023

Two glasses of wine with flame on background

Episode #526 – Helping Your Wine Keep Its Cool!

Who doesn’t love Summer, right? Well, if your wine could talk, it would definitely express its disdain for high temperatures. In fact, heat is the thing that wine hates the most, apart from too much oxygen. It’s hard to imagine just how many dollars worth of wine are completely ruined because they sat in a hot car or fell victim to a wine lover trying to keep their air conditioning bill somewhat reasonable. On this week’s show, David doesn’t just warn you of the many ways that you may inadvertently cook your Cabernet, he also offers some novel suggestions and assistance in finding short-term and long-term solutions to the overheating issue. You’ll even hear tips on how to create your own wine cellar on a shoestring budget.

Also on today’s show, David revisits the booming world of canned wine. The last time David talked about the subject, he posed the question, “Can wine in a can beat wine in a bottle in a blind tasting? Well, we’ve got the eye-opening answer thanks to special guests Dr. Robert Williams and his wife and business partner, Dr. Helena Williams.

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