June 5, 2023

Episode #531 – Will the Crazy 2019 Harvest Yield Crazy Good Wines, or is that a Crazy Thought?

There is a whole lot of speculation going on about what kind of wines will be born from the very wacky 2019 season. What made the season wacky was some very unusual deviations in weather patterns that ended up causing some varietals to be harvested earlier than normal and others to linger much further into the season. A much longer and wetter spring combined with a remarkably mild summer has created circumstances that you don’t see all that often in places like California.

To sort things out, our longtime regular guest, Wes Hagen, weighs in with a lot more than two cents worth. If anybody knows how to interpret irregular growing conditions like 2019, Wes is your guy. He’s not just a wine expert, he’s a renowned winemaker with a tremendous amount of experience under his belt. He is currently the brand ambassador for the Miller family Wine Company, where he also makes wine for their brand, J. Wilkes.

Oh, to be sure, David and Wes will cover a lot more subjects than just the 2019 harvest, so be prepared for a ton of insight and information to come your way. Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine & More where you can find wines from every corner of the globe produced over a broad range of years. For more information, visit TotalWine.com.

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