September 21, 2023

Episode #533 – Pinots and Plaid with the Wine Fashionista, Emily Martin

Oh, there is no doubt that Grape Encounters Host David Wilson gets mighty tired of the same old food and wine pairings. So when he came upon a truly novel event taking place in late October in San Francisco, he couldn’t wait to get the event’s producer, Emily Martin on the line.

The event is titled, Pinots and Plaid and it is exactly what the name implies. Guests are asked to show up to the event wearing plaid attire which Host Emily Martin contends pairs very, very well with Pinot Noir. David is not so sure about that but is willing to hear the rationale behind this very novel event.

During the course of the interview, David discovers that he and Emily have many of the same friends and have been traveling in many of the same circles, even though they have never personally met face-to-face. This makes for more interesting conversation.

Also on the show, a visit from a listener who flew all the way from Atlanta to meet David in person. It turns out this particular listener is also a home winemaker and he’s all about sharing how he got the winemaking bug with all of David’s listeners.

Finally, as part of a 3-part series, David delves into the similarities between making wine and making whiskey. They may seem like to entirely different animals, but it turns out they have a lot in common. Joining David on this segment is Master Micro Distiller, Eric Olsen.

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