September 24, 2023

Episode #535 – Happy Hallo-Wine! Macabre Wines and Wine Stories

PLUS:  The Latest News From Your World of Wine.

Maybe its just us, but doesn’t it seem like there are more and more dark, mysterious and downright macabre labels showing up on wine bottles these days?  From severed hands to wine bottles that come to life with zombies and other unsavory characters, the wine industry has really embraced humankind’s love of all things horrifying and we have the wine stories to prove it!

On this week’s show, David shares some dark stories and scary tidbits just right for the Halloween season.  If you’re going to a party and want to bring the perfect wine, or maybe you’re just going to hang out at one of your favorite haunts, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this lighthearted discussion of tales from the vine.  It’s the dark side of wine and all in good fun.

Also, learn about some of the most noteworthy wine stories from our bustling news center.  There’s always some hard-to-imagine things going on in the world of wine and we’ve got the latest just for you.  This episode of Grape Encounters is brought to you by our hands-down favorite haunt, Total Wine & More.  If you want to have a little fun, spend an afternoon or evening at your Total Wine & More store and check out the incredible labeling creativity that graces the bottles of 8000 wines from around the world.  It’s terrific amusement for anyone who loves wine, art or both!

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