September 27, 2023

Episode #544 – Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

It’s the most popular adult beverage in the world, so it opens up a plethora of possibilities when it comes to gift giving. At this time of year, host David Wilson is bombarded with questions about what to buy the wine lovers in our lives.  “Hey, what would be a great gift for my husband or my brother or my sister or whomever?  Well, the fact is, there are some really cool and creative gifts ideas out there for anybody that enjoys wine. And that person doesn’t have to be a wine aficionado nor they don’t have to be obsessed with wine. It’s just nice to have certain things in your house if you drink wine or serve it to guests. 

Think back a bit, like about 20 years, or even just 10 years, and about the only thing that you’d see in that kitchen accessory drawer that might have anything to do with wine would be some kind of a very boring corkscrew. Even then, it may well have been one that you picked up at a hotel room. You know, it’s got that little plastic cover on it and you pull that off and the cover becomes the handle. No, it doesn’t work very well, but it does work just the same. In those days, you were lucky if you had what we call a winged corkscrew. You know the one we’re talking about… If you lift its arms up and down, it looks like a little man doing jumping jacks. Perhaps you also had a few bottle stoppers hanging around, but that was about it, right? These things were about all there was in terms of wine accessories. But let’s also remember that just a few years back, there weren’t very many wines out there either. If you go back to the time when your parents were your age, they only had maybe 10 wines to choose from. 

It goes without being said that times have definitely changed. Today, wine is an obsession for many people and a critical cultural component for most of us. That being said, wine-related gifts are always in good taste and, boy oh boy, are there ever plenty of super-cool items to chose from. To learn more, just listen!

This week’s episode of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine & More! For years, David has been raving about Total Wine, now they’re helping us spread our unpretentious messaging further than ever before. That’s a really good thing!

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