Episode #551 – Where Will All That Grape Juice Go? Are We Facing a Glut?

It really can be very difficult, if not impossible to predict just how bountiful a particular vintage is likely to be this early in the year, but Host David Wilson likes to think he has his finger on the pulse and is looking at a few subtle clues to help him make a long-shot prediction for the 2020 vintage.

One thing is certain; the past decade has produced more than its fair share of bumper crops, and while that might seem like an awesome thing, it does make it hard for grape growers because too much juice can lower both prices and demand.

For most wine consumers, where all that wine juice winds up may be something of a mystery… and that is completely understandable given the fact that the grapes harvested off of a single vineyard could end up in several different wines of significantly varying quality and price. That’s a very good reason to listen to this week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio. That’s what you’ll hear in the first half of the show. In the second half, David will share an increasingly popular way to ferment and age wine that isn’t on most people’s radar: amphoras and concrete tanks. In a way, it’s a case of high tech getting low tech, and the result is some pretty awesome wines where the grapes express themselves in new and exciting ways.

The show concludes with a news item related to the wine cult film classic Sideways. Well, actually, it’s not really about the film but rather a full-emersion Off-Broadway stage play being produced by Rex Pickett, the author of the book that led to the film. There’s just one peculiar thing about this food, wine and entertainment event that has David scratching his head. Odds are, so will you!

This week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio is brought to you buy your ultimate wine retail resource; Total Wine & More. Total Wine has been David’s hands-down favorite brick and mortar wine shopping experience for more than a dozen years, but they also have plenty for those of you who love to shop, learn and explore from your computer or personal device. See what is so very special at TotalWine.com!

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