September 20, 2023

Episode #554 – Jancis Robinson: The Reigning Queen of Wine Meets the Often-Irreverent Wine Maverick!

Host David Wilson says of this week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio: “This is one of those days when I wish I had all the time in the world to spend with you and our very special guest, but alas, our time is limited, so I have to dive into this discussion very quickly and we’ll only be able to explore the tip of the iceberg.”

If you ask anyone in the wine world who the most influential wine critic or wine educator in the world is, there would be little or no deliberation.  David’s guest today IS THAT PERSON.  She is renowned the world over as the consummate expert on wine, and arguably, the most heralded author of books that can be found on the shelves of wine experts and enthusiasts far and wide.  In this edition of Grape Encounters Radio, David is in Napa California at a symposium on wine trade hosted by the Wine Institute. The guest list is a who’s who of industry leaders and the keynote speaker and guest of honor is the legendary Jancis Robinson, author of the Oxford Companion to Wine, the World Atlas of Wine and the 24-Hour Wine Expert, among many other publications.  Direct from London, Jancis is here with David and, while they couldn’t be more different in their approach to wine, clearly, wine lovers are more alike than different.  If that doesn’t make complete sense to you, give a listen and you’ll see how similar very different perspectives can be.

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