September 22, 2023

Episode #557 – The Economics of Wine, Sustainability in Place, Plus a Honey of a Surprise!

Every year, we look forward to showcasing all of the amazing things that take place during California Wine Month (AKA April to those not in the know)! Needless to say, hundreds of events that took months and months to plan were largely cancelled. Some were transformed into virtual events and others were reimagined as no-contact opportunities to save on amazing wines throughout the state.

Nancy Light, VP
The Wine Institute

On today’s show, Nancy Light, VP of Communications at the Wine Institute shares what the industry is doing to carry on in vastly different ways. David and Nancy also share important insights into the economic impact of the California Wine Industry on the economy and other parallel industries.

One thing is certain; wine producers are a resilient bunch and they are doing all they can to provide much needed diversion for the consumers who make it all possible. Hence, winemaking and grape growing will continue with the utmost concern for the public’s health and there’s little doubt that the industry’s commitment to both the people and the planet will continue to inspire unrelenting efforts to achieve 100% sustainability.

On a lighter (and sweeter) note, David is bubbling over with excitement to present a

Kelsey Rottiers
Songwriter, Honey Wine

singer/songwriter whose music has delighted him for years. When he first discovered Kelsey Rottiers’ original song, “Honey Wine,” David told anyone that would listen that it was the first wine song that truly captured the spirit of Grape Encounters… And it’s one of many extraordinary tunes she has produced. The song aired on Grape Encounters a number of times a few years back, but alas, music is rotated in and out and so Honey Wine was silent on the show for a year or so. That is until a strange set of circumstances not only landed the song a prominent role on our sister show, “The Wine is Talking,“ but also fulfilled David’s commitment to introduce Kelsey to the Grape Encounters audience. Now, at a time when the world could do with a little dose of joy, you get to meet the writer and singer of David’s favorite wine-themed song!

Today’s edition of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine & More, where you’ll find thousands of wines produced by folks who started with a dream and never looked back. Be sure to spend a little time online at You’ll be very glad you did!

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