Episode #570 – World Affairs and What They Mean to Wine

With a host of critical national and international issues dominating every news cycle, it can be hard, if not impossible to live life the way we did not so long ago. From Covid-19 to daunting civil rights challenges that are the focus of a historically contentious election, these are serious times. Nonetheless, while our lives may seem unrecognizable, most of our passions are either on hold are being reimagined until things settle down a bit.

While there are plenty of reports that support the contention that Covid-19 is at the root of increased consumption, there are many other wine-related stories that reflect what’s on America’s mind: from wines produced by African Americans to the political preferences of wine versus beer drinkers, a lot has changed in the wine world in just a few short months. For some detailed insight into the very different 2020 vintage, give a listen to this episode of Grape Encounters Radio.

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