September 27, 2023

Episode #574 – How Tasting Rooms, Wine Bars and Awesome Events Like The Oregon Wine Experience are Finding Ways to Carry On

Cancelled. Cancelled. Cancelled! Whether you’re into sports, travel or wine, there’s a good chance that your favorite events and activities are on indefinite hold. We are all pretty bummed for sure. But it’s even sadder when events that are an essential part of making our lives better also fall victim to our current plight. Well, the good news is, some very important wine and food events that raise millions of dollars for critical needs are not taking no for an answer. That doesn’t mean their disobeying the rules. It means they’re finding inventive ways to carry on. And if you keep close tabs on these beloved and important events, you’ll discover that there’s a great deal of excitement and enjoyment at your fingertips.  We just need to help you get plugged in.

Last year, The Oregon Wine Experience topped the Grape Encounters list of must-attend events. That high praise is not simply because of the extraordinary goings on at their venue in Southern Oregon, but also because the event raises critical funds for the Children’s Miracle Network through the Asante Foundation. Well, the show will go on in 2020, just in a very reimagined way.

Sarahanne Driggs, Events Officer for the Asante Foundation
Joining David to give us the lowdown is Sarahanne Driggs, the Events Officer for the Asante Foundation and a true miracle worker! It seems that nothing can break Sarahanne’s spirit or determination to continue the amazing work of the foundation and the Oregon Wine Experience.  Heck, even the beloved (and quite incomparable) barrel auction. Go ahead, bid for the very best wines in Oregon. They are a really big wow!

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