September 27, 2023

Episode #575 – Virtual Wine Dating, The Covid Loss of Wine Taste Curse and More!

It’s a veritable potpourri of pontification on this week’s edition of Grape Encounters.  As you probably know, sometimes our show’s host has so many things on his mind that he foregoes having guests on so that he can cover as much turf as possible.  This week, he’s all over the board!

First, David is backpedaling a bit when it comes to virtual wine tastings. In past weeks, he’s been a little sour on the idea, simply because some of these virtual experiences last the kind of creativity or ingenuity he’d like to see. BUT… since so many online daters are doing their very best to court would-be partners without actually being in the same space, David proposes combining online dating and virtual wine tasting for a perfect match.

Oh, and what happens if you get the dreaded virus and your sense of taste goes on the blink? It may not be the perfect solution, but we’ve got a suggestion for you… OVERCOMPENSATE! You’ll hear what we mean.

There’s much more to ponder in this hour-long, socially-distanced edition of Grape Encounters. The best part is, you can get as close to you speakers as you want.  We practice germ-free broadcasting and podcasting at all times!

Today’s edition of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine & More, where you’ll find thousands of wines produced by folks who started with a dream and never looked back. Be sure to spend a little time online at You’ll be very glad you did!

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