September 20, 2023

Episode #576 – ArteVino… Where Fine Art and Fine Wine Collide in a Beautiful Way!

Anyone that thinks winemaking isn’t an art form is not drinking very good wine! Actually, it’s not uncommon for winemakers to also be involved in a host of creative pursuits. Heck, Leonardo DaVinci had a terrific vineyard in his backyard. David has even tasted wine from his property in Vinci, Italy. Apparently Leo isn’t involved in the winemaking biz anymore. He’s got a bit of age on him. There is, however, a fellow who reminds David a lot of Leonardo in lots of ways. He’s Tom Rodrigues; owner and winemaker at ArteVino, produced at the Maple Creek Winery in the prestigious Anderson Valley of Mendocino County, CA. Tom’s wines are so good, they come with one heckuva guarantee; If you don’t like them for any reason, David will drink them for you free of charge! (David’s not holding his breath for handouts!)

Artist and winemaker Tom Rodrigues of Artevino and Maple Creek Winery

Tom works in a broad range of mediums, creating astonishing works on canvas and glass and much more! It would be tough to say which of his skills are more extraordinary, which is why you definitely have to pay a socially-distanced visit to his glorious foothill property to drink in everything he’s created! By the way… you won’t encounter a more hospitable winery than ArteVino, so see them masked now, or plan a visit when the pandemic passes! (It will pass, won’t it?) Find out more about Artevino and Maple Creek Winery here.

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