September 22, 2023

Episode #585 – Wes Hagen – Finding Your Wine Happy Place Despite All the Heartache

From fire devastation that no one could have imagined, to Covid’s unyielding disruption of business as usual, 2020 has taken an immeasurable toll on winemakers and the consumers who love them. Wine enthusiasts are typically a pretty happy lot. We are people who find great joy in an international pastime that stretches over several centuries and touches every nook and cranny of the globe. And so, despite an onslaught of unthinkable challenges, we just have to suck it up and find that happy place.

We could talk about the 2020 challenges for months, if not years, and we can’t ignore the harsh realities, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we create our own happiness and sometimes need to make an extra effort to figure out how.

To that end, we can always count on winemaker, scholar and educator Wes Hagen to give us sage advice. Wes never sugar-coats things, but he’s also fearlessly optimistic. That’s why we often call upon him to help us enjoy our wine life in unique and meaningful ways.

Ready for a little inspiration from one of the most profoundly imaginative wine enthusiasts on the planet? Good! Download Episode 585 now or simply hit play. Make sure you pour yourself some tasty to pair with this edition of Grape Encounters!

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