September 28, 2023

Episode #588 – Politics and Wine: Do You Vote Your Favorite Varietal?

Host David Wilson often reminds us that “wine should be a social lubricant that stimulates conversation about everything except the wine!” Needless to say, there have been a nearly infinite number of conversations about every political topic imaginable that were likely energized by sharing a bottle or two!

From the wine habits of past presidents, to the wine preferences of the left and the right, you’re going to learn some juicy tidbits about wine and politics. As a matter of fact, you’ll even learn what your adult beverage preference may say about your political beliefs. Now remember, like everything on Grape Encounters, it’s all in good fun! If the info we share is spot-on where your preferences are concerned, drop us a note!

This episode of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine & More! With the holidays coming up fast, its time to get your wine game in high gear. After all, there are few holidays that beckon us to get creative with pairing more than Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure, it can be daunting, but that’s why its so fun to let the experts at Total Wine & More bounce some ideas your way. However, if you’d prefer to enjoy a home shopping socially-distanced experience, explore the amazing wines, beer and spirits online at You can do all your shopping from home and take advantage of our first class curbside pickup at your local Total Wine & More store.

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