September 25, 2023

Episode #592 – Going East for Wine, Hospitality and Other Religious Experiences

REBROADCAST BY POPULAR DEMAND: We had intended to pay a long overdue visit to a number of our wine and hospitality friends on the east side of America. Unfortunately, we’re in a bit of a holding pattern. Nonetheless, we still want to spread the love and two of our most lovable east coast friends join us today thru the magic of ZOOM. What would we do without it?

First up, it’s our bud Will Ouweleen of O-Neh-Da and Eagle Crest Vineyard, located in the breathtaking Finger Lakes wine region of Upstate New York. You’ve got to really feel for Will. After years of tireless work trying to save the region from a potential environmental catastrophe made possible by thoughtless frackers, things were really rolling along for this historic sacramental wine producer. Very sadly, cancelled church services has translated into a mountain of this very special wine sitting idle. Even worse, these particular wines aren’t meant for aging. Hence, time is not their friend. Will has dealt with a lot of monster-sized challenges in his life so he decided, when the going gets tough, wine enthusiasts should just go glamping on his property instead. It’s a great way to stay socially distanced and enjoy all that this off-the-beaten-path vineyard and winery has to offer.

Wrapping up the show is one of our favorite guests who has been so busy, we’ve had a tough time trying to catch up with him. He’s former Bad Company bassist Paul Cullen. Paul is all about food, wine, music and Italy. Wait until you hear how this very inventive wino, foodie, tour guide, chef, singer, songwriter and even sausage-maker pulls all of his passions together for your benefit! No spoiler alert here. You’re going to have to listen to the whole show!

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