September 25, 2023

Episode #598 – Lodi Builds Its Reputation of Old Vine Preservation

Lodi wine – It’s almost impossible NOT to think of the Creedence Clearwater classic, when the town Lodi comes up in a conversation. Yep, it was more than 50 years ago that John Fogerty sang about a little known California town where it was easy to become forgotten. The funny thing is, while Fogerty was poking fun at this small agricultural town south of Sacramento and east of San Francisco, many of the grapes planted there were already becoming historic. Today, Lodi is not just a wine-producing powerhouse, it is home to some of the most historic vines in America; many were already 50 years old when the song “Lodi” became a hit.

Lodi makes some of the most delicious wines in California and has become quite a success story. There’s just one problem… The historic old-vines of Lodi are beginning to disappear, must to the dismay of locals, wine history buffs and, of course, those of us who love the small production but deeply-concentrated wines that flow from these vines.

Joining David on this week’s show is the Executive Director of the Lodi Winegrape Commission, Stuart Spencer, who shares a determined campaign to Save the Old Vines! It’s an effort we’re proud to support vigorously!

Stuart was appointed Executive Director of the Lodi Winegrape Commission in 2018. Prior to that, he worked as the Commission’s Program Manager since 1999. Over the years, Stuart has been involved in many of the Commission’s marketing, education, and research activities which have focused on raising public awareness about Lodi grapes and wines. As Stuart is also the proprietor of St. Amant Winery, he is the Commission’s onsite industry expert and is a regular spokesperson on all things Lodi.

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