Episode #600 – Wine Tariffs: The Latest Attempt to Spoil Our Wine Enthusiasm!

Just how much more can they throw at us?

These days, being a wine enthusiast is not without its challenges. Without a doubt, those of us who derive pleasure from the fruit of the vine are all about fun. We want to kick back and have a nice time, enjoy our wine and be joyful. Much to our dismay, however, the past year has been a major pain in the backside because every conceivable thing capable of disrupting our joyful wine experiences has been thrown at us. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, you can’t eat inside restaurants anymore… You can’t go shopping for wine the way that you used to and, for the most part, traveling to wine country and visiting wine festivals is pretty much off the table until further notice.

On the bright side, we’ve done a darn good job at being model citizens by trying to do all we can to stop the horrible COVID-19 plague. But just when we think that there’s nothing else that can be thrown at us, comes the latest bucket of ice water dumped over our head. Well, actually, it’s not really the latest because it has been rearing its ugly head for a while now; and at this moment in time, it’s getting a whole lot of traction. We’ll just call it what it is, the disgusting “T” word. TARIFFS! We’d prefer not to get political here, so we won’t. Tariffs on imported wines are equal-opportunity pocket-pickers. And with money being unusually tight for most of us, a 25% price hike couldn’t have come at a worse time.

What should we do? Well, at Grape Encounters, we’re never shy about finding the big Kahuna; a leader who is pumped up and leading the charge against senseless expenses. Ben Aneff is that guy. He’s been in the news a lot these days because he knows his way around these tough issues and can tell us what to be concerned about and how to turn the tariff tide. Ben is President of the US Wine Trade Association. He’s also a founding partner of Tribeca Wine Merchants in New York City. When you learn WHY many wines from Europe are now 25% more expensive, you’ll be hard-pressed not to blow a gasket.

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