September 21, 2023

MaryAnn Worobiec

Episode #602 – Commentator, Educator and Coordinator: Senior Editor MaryAnn Worobiec is More Than a Spectator!

After re-listening to this episode of Grape Encounters, we can confirm that no kitchen sinks were discussed.  Everything else was.   This week, David’s very special guest is MaryAnn Worobiec, Senior Editor and Tasting Coordinator for Wine Spectator Magazine. After the show was over, David mused, “If we were given 20 hours to fill, it would have been a snap!  MaryAnn has been with Wine Spectator for 25 years.  There’s a whole lot to talk about, plus, I’m a big fan!”

And talk they did about a wide range of subjects like; creative wine enjoyment in a Covid-19 world, what we should really drink on Valentine’s Day, why we might not want to knock celebrity wine, lesser known sparkling wine options, what’s trending wine-wise and how much (or little) you have to spend for excellent wine these days.  And that summary falls far short of encapsulating everything covered in this delightful Grape Encounters session!

MaryAnn is based in Wine Spectator’s Napa office.  Like David, her original career path did not include any wine stops along the way, but things happen, right?  Both MaryAnn and David began their careers with a focus on the political world.  For David, politics represented nearly the entire first decade of his professional career.  MaryAnn, on the other hand, was so drawn to the wine industry that quickly worked her way into a prestigious position at Wine Spectator and never looked back.

Charming, down-to-earth and rich with insight, you’re likely to long for more of MaryAnn, too. Will there be a sequel?  David says, “It’s no more likely than me taking another breath.”

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