September 26, 2023

Episode #622 – John Munch’s Long and Wine-ding Road to Le Cuvier

It’s hard to find a winemaker who doesn’t have an interesting back story; and you’ll certainly meet the most interesting of the lot on Grape Encounters.  This week’s story is no exception and David’s guests can only be described as “exceptional” for plenty of reasons.

This week’s show features John Munch, founder of Le Cuvier Winery in California’s extraordinary Paso Robles wine region.  John’s life and career has had more twist and turns than a balloon animal convention.  Raised in Central America, John has experienced a multitude of cultures and gigs around the globe before permanently landing on the Central Coast of California.  Musician.  Author.  Olde English scholar. Philosopher.  Innovator.  Winemaker. Though John’s life experiences may seem loosely connected, you need only listen to his stories and it will all make sense.

There’s a lot to know about John’s Le Cuvier wines… and we’ll let him tell you that story.  Without a doubt, these exceptional wines deserve a resounding “wow” and we’ll ask John to explain the “how.”  

Sharing the stage with John is his Winemaker & All-Around Cowboy (Their words not ours) Clay Selkirk.  Apart from making a wide array of world-class wines, Clay keeps the ship sailing.  In terms of this conversation, Clay fills in the blanks, bringing light and clarity to the larger-than-life Le Cuvier story.

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