June 4, 2023

Episode #630 – Grape Smoke Taint: Purfresh’s Remarkable Second Chance for Winemaking

Every year, around the globe, the devastation caused by wildfires is worsening at a catastrophic pace.  Moreover, if there’s anything we’ve learned in recent years, it’s that wildfires will overtake territory once thought to be invulnerable to its wrath.  There is no better example of this than vineyards.  No, they don’t burn, but if there are grapes hanging from the vines, smoke from nearby wildfires will envelop the fruit and render it useless for winemaking.  That’s because it can’t be washed off with water or any other non-toxic substance.  It’s called “smoke taint” and it was virtually unheard of a decade ago but now, as a result of persistent and rapid warming trends in many parts of the world, smoke damage is chalking up billions of dollars in losses year after year.

In life, we get very few second chances; especially when it comes to wildfires… but that’s changing thanks to a wildly innovative company known as Purfresh, based in Northern California.  Purfresh has develop their Titan units for deployment anywhere smoke is damaging crops.  The units, similar to ocean-going shipping containers, can hold up to 20 tons of grapes at a time and process them using temperature-controlled exposure to ozone.  In 24 hours, the smoke taint is gone!  And there are even more benefits to tell you about.  We’ll leave that to today’s special guest, Christian DeBlasio, Founder and CEO of Purfresh Wine. What an amazing turn of events in the battle against wildfire destruction. Detailed information about the Purfresh Titan units is available at PurfreshWine.com.  You can also drop us a line here using the Grape Encounters Contact Form and we’ll get you connected to our friends at Purfresh promptly!

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