September 27, 2023

Episode #633 – How a Grief-Stricken Family is Turning Wine Into Suicide Awareness

This episode of Grape Encounters will tug at your heartstrings as few things can. It’s the story of a warm and cheerful family that suffered an unthinkable tragedy that came without warning and led them to a vineyard to heal themselves and bring hope to others. A lost loved one can never be replaced, but pain can be a powerful weapon capable of preventing tragedies from upending the lives of other families.

Today, you’re invited to meet two of the three Stilsons; Deborah and her son Cole. They’re a joy to spend time with and it’s difficult to imagine that a story about the suicide of a father and husband could leave you feeling hopeful and uplifted, but this is a very special family that came to wine county and put hope in a bottle. Not only is the family channeling their energy into the production of first class Stilson Cellars wines, they’re using a significant portion of the proceeds of their “Aware” label to help prevent tragedies from tearing apart families they may never know.

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