June 5, 2023

Episode #649 – ENCORE! Swirling With the Shark, Kevin O’Leary!

This week’s show is an instant Grape Encounters Top Ten. That’s not hyperbole. With a library of 649 shows spanning 14 years of broadcasting, choosing the best of the very best should be a daunting task, but on extraordinarily rare occasions, an interview comes along that is simply priceless; Priceless because the guest is incredibly difficult to get an audience with… Priceless because the guest is a household name… Priceless because the guest is oozing with insight, wisdom and true relevance.

That being said, here’s how Grape Encounters host David Wilson summed it up at the beginning of this episode. “My guest today is a mega, mega, mega TV star, but way more than that. He is to entrepreneurism, high finance and reality-based entertainment, what grapes are to wine. He helps everyday people realize seemingly unimaginable dreams week in and week out. However, being the ultimate tell-it-like-it-is guy, he is also known for frequently dashing hopes (and probably preventing a lot of unnecessary heartache along the way). He has a track record of successes across a broad spectrum of pursuits that document his magic touch beyond a shadow of a doubt. Now, he’s turning his attention to an all new, highly-ambitious enterprise in the world of wine. Half Shark, half Sommelier, 100% wonderful… Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful himself—Kevin O’Leary—is with me in the flesh today!”

Known around the world as “Mr. Wonderful,” after today’s show, you may be inclined to call him “Mr. Wine-derful” as well. Kick back and enjoy a very deep dive into Kevin O’Leary’s remarkable preoccupation with wine. We’re SWIRLING WITH THE SHARKS on Episode 649 of Grape Encounters!

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