September 25, 2023

Episode 651 – Sharing a Life-Changing Reveal With the Wisest Wine Guy We Know!

Is it David’s craziest idea of all time, or is it a stroke of genius? On this episode of Grape Encounters Radio, David is joined by the wisest wine person he knows to announce the biggest decision he’s ever made in his life. Wine Expert Wes Hagen has been hanging with David since the very start of Grape Encounters, and so it’s fitting that David has invited Wes to take part in the great reveal. David has always put Wes in the same class as the great philosophers and wisemen like Aristotle and Socrates. If this momentous event is ill-conceived, David knows that Wes will tell it like it is; helping David avoid catastrophic consequences.

On the flip side, David hopes Wes will see David’s plan as wonderfully daring, completely off-the-wall and, most importantly, an inspiration to listeners to push the envelope and live life to its greatest potential! If you’re totally confused you won’t be an hour from now. All you have to do is press PLAY!

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