September 27, 2023

Episode #653 – Senior Editor MaryAnn Worobiec presents Wine Spectator’s all new “10 Best Wine Values” list!

Nothing is more rewarding than listening to a guest who causes you to literally change the way you see things. MaryAnn Worobiec has been with Wine Spectator for more than two and a half decades. She is one of the prestigious magazine’s senior editors and is also the Bureau Chief for the iconic, legendary Napa Valley. Now that’s one heck of a beat! This is MaryAnn’s second visit to Grape Encounters and, once again, she wow’s us with her delightful down-to-earth, extraordinarily approachable perspective on wine. It is certainly fair to say that Wine Spectator Magazine is one of the most sophisticated resources in the world of wine. The magazine sits on the coffee tables of countless wine elites around the world. That being said, nobody keeps wine as real and welcoming as MaryAnn Worobiec. And if you are one of the millions of wine lovers who feel terribly anxious when you’re around hardcore wine devotees, you’re going to love the way MaryAnn opens doors that you thought you’d feel terribly uncomfortable walking through.

What makes this show particularly special is that MaryAnn is talking about wines that sell for about the same price as your car. To the contrary, she’s here to share 10 magnificent wines chosen from thousands of submissions by Wine Spectators expert tasting panel. Each and every wine is both amazing and remarkably affordable. Dare we use the term, “inexpensive?” Grab a pen and some paper or jot some notes down on your laptop, but definitely don’t let these remarkable recommendations pass you buy. David says that you shouldn’t hesitate to buy each and every one of them… and here’s the best part; these are all wines that are not difficult to find. So sit back and enjoy our delightful guest, MaryAnn Worobiec, then get busy rounding up this stellar ensemble of extraordinary and economical wines!
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