September 22, 2023

Episode #659 – Can Wine Reunite Our Nation? Featuring Christopher Sawyer, Somm to the Stars!

With a horrific war raging in Ukraine, it is difficult to find much to be happy about, which is a really good reason to invite one of the world’s most optimistic people in the wine industry and the world at large to be on the show. Best known as the “Sommelier to the Stars,” Christopher Sawyer and David are always kicking around novel ideas and philosophies. That being said, a few days before the show, something dawns on David and he’s chomping at the bit to get with Christopher and see if he’s on to something.

Here is David’s elevator pitch. Wait for the conclusion: “Almost everybody that I know has lost friends or perhaps separated from family members because of a deep divide of philosophies where politics or society, in general, is concerned. It seems we all have lost people who are close to us because we just couldn’t resolve our differences. But here’s an interesting observation… I cannot remember one instance, not one instance where, in a wine situation, anybody gave a flying fart about my politics, my religion, my heritage, anything. If I’m pouring good wine, nobody says, are you a Democrat or a Republican or this or that? We just drink the wine together. It really does unite people!” And with that, a very unique episode of Grape Encounters ensues. Far be it for us to spoil it in this show description so hit PLAY at your earliest convenience and see if you can’t use wine to brighten your world!

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