September 27, 2023

Episode #688 – Iconic Pairings to Love the Wine You’re With!

Welcome to Episode 688 of Grape Encounters, where we’re all about the love of wine. This week, Jeanne Sullivan, a leading wine PR executive who has been booking top-tier guests on Grape Encounters for a whopping 15 years, steps up to the microphone for the first time. Well, it’s about time! After all, over the course of a decade and a half, she’s become a beloved personal friend of Grape Encounters. That being said, plenty of laughs and a roaring good time are a given!

In addition to working with some of the biggest names in the wine industry, Jeanne has long represented the highly influential Wine institute in California. The Wine Institute is a trade association that represents over 1,000 California wineries and grape growers. It is the largest organization of its kind in the world and works tirelessly to promote and protect the interests of its members. One of the main ways it does this is by fighting for fair trade policies and regulations that benefit winemakers and grape growers. Anyway, despite Jeanne’s desire to remain anonymous behind the scenes, David absolutely insisted she appear in person on this episode. That’s because we’ll be talking about our love of iconic California cuisine and what to pair with it. And there’s an interesting twist… It turns out that Jeanne’s alter-ego is an expert on love, in the romantic sense.

So, as Tiny Turner would ask, “What’s love go to do with it?” Well, as most wine enthusiasts know intuitively, wine may be the most potent love potion on the planet! Here’s where it gets really interesting.vJeanne is also a life coach and is the author of a terrific book entitled, “Be the Soulmate You Want to Attract.” In it, she discusses how people can use the principles of attraction to find their perfect partner. There’s one thing that’s certain; Jeanne and David both agree that wine and love are the perfect pairing! To that end, in celebration of California Wine Month, the Wine Institute has created a an awesome E-Book entitled “Iconic California Dishes.”

The book celebrates California cuisine and features recipes for dishes that evoke the state’s sunny and relaxed vibe—-all paired with California wine and creative, wine-based cocktails. Jeanne tells listeners how to bring harvest home with recipes like Avocado Salad with Hidden Valley Ranch-Style Dressing; Wine Country Chicken Salad; and the California 75, a classic wine-based lemon cocktail with a literal and figurative twist.

Given Jeanne’s expertise as a life coach, her authorship of a book on love, plus here insights into the role wine can play in building relationships, maybe she’ll be able to authoritatively confirm that our favorite adult beverage truly is “Love Potion Number Wine!”
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