September 21, 2023

Episode #697 – Katerina Axellson’s Computer Has Perfect Taste in Wine!

Life on planet earth has come to the point where nothing really surprises us anymore; especially in the realm of artificial intelligence. These days, we can bring a celebrity who has passed back to life on stage or predict with stunning accuracy events that haven’t happened yet. So, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that a California wine country-based company called Tastry has developed a way to use artificial intelligence to taste and evaluate wine so that consumers can purchase bottles with far more confidence than ever before. The Tastries system can also help producers pinpoint the perfect customer base for their products. the potential applications for this technology, not just in the wine industry, but also in the area of food, cosmetics and so much more, is simply mind-boggling. What’s even more astounding is learning that the creator of this technology and founder of Tastry is a 20-something scientist named Katerina Axellson, who is as delightful as she is insightful.

No conversation with David Wilson on Grape Encounters would be complete unless it goes off the rails more than a few times. In that respect, and for plenty of other reasons, this interview doesn’t disappoint! Episode 662 is not just fascinating but it is also one heck of a good time! By the way, David has already decided that Katerina absolutely must be a regular on Grape Encounters. The world should not be deprived of such an entertaining and brilliant wine industry voice.

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