September 21, 2023

Episode #698 – ICA’s Marco Permunian is Your Guide to Italian Citizenship

What if you could obtain Italian Citizenship?

Every month, more and more stories are written about Americans migrating from states with a high cost of living to vastly more affordable places. Chances are, you may know more than a few people who have left Los Angeles or New York City in favor of highly-affordable states like Tennessee, South Carolina, or many destinations in the mid-west. But you might be surprised to know that millions of Americans are also leaving the country and following their dreams to destinations around the globe, like Costa Rica, Mexico, and loads of European destinations.

It is not surprising that one of the most popular destinations for Americans wanting to make significant changes is Italy. After all, Italy is a paradise for those passionate about food, wine, history, and culture. But here is where it gets interesting: Not only is Italy a great place to live the life of an ex-pat, but it’s also a country where millions of people with Italian ancestry are going through the process of obtaining dual citizenship.

If you’ve been a Grape Encounters listener over the past year, you know that at the beginning of the year, we boldly decided to relocate the show to the Abruzzo Region of Eastern Italy because of the countless opportunities it offered to present a European perspective to our audience. It was a great idea because Covid restrictions grounded the show for two years. To make up for shows that would typically have been done from the road, we were delighted to pull this change of venue together. What we didn’t even anticipate was the relative ease with which it might be possible for host David Wilson to obtain dual citizenship, given his extensive Italian ancestry, which made such a life-altering change possible.

And so, after doing extensive research, which included watching several episodes of videos produced by, founded by Italian Attorney Marco Permunian, the game was afoot! Unfortunately for David, but fortunately for you, the process was not without its challenges. David thought, “Why not contact Mr. Permunian directly, ask for his company’s help, and have him explain how the whole thing works to an audience that likely has thousands of listeners of Italian descent who might want to seriously consider taking their passion for wine and food to the number one wine producing country in the world?

That said, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Marco Permunian join us as our special guest on this very eye-opening edition of Grape Encounters Radio. Marco’s firm employs more than 50 specialists, making it the top firm providing citizenship assistance services in Italy. And as David quickly learned, these folks don’t mess around and can accomplish things that we mortals could find very daunting; like trying to locate a great-grandparent’s birth certificate that does not exist in digital form. The good news is, if you know what you’re looking for, it can generally be found in online photographs of record books that guardians of documents in small municipalities throughout the country have carefully preserved. The bad news is, it’s not just a need-in-a-haystack search because, once you get to the right place, it’s pretty likely these documents are significantly faded and written in Latin. You did take Latin in high school, didn’t you?

Amazingly, when David asked Italian Citizenship Assistance for help, they found two essential birth certificates within a few hours. David had spent hundreds of hours trying to accomplish the same task. It’s not just what you know. It’s also whom you know… which is why we’re delighted to share this remarkable interview featuring Marco Permunian with you! It’s an hour that could literally change your life and give you a means of making one of the world’s most incomparable wine countries your home!

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