September 21, 2023

Episode #725 – ENCORE REQUEST: Revolutionizing the Wine Consumer Experience With Vintage Wines Estates’ Jessica Kogan!

Tied for most-listened-to show so far in 2023, this episode featuring Vintage Wine Estates’ Jessica Kogan is an eye opener for anyone who is finding the wine-buying experience much improved these days!  This episode of Grape Encounters features someone to whom we all ought to send a thank you note for being an important part of these very positive and long overdue changes.” David is referring to one of the most influential forces quietly but significantly reimagining the wine consumer experience behind the scenes. She’s Jessica Kogan, Chief Growth & Experience Officer at Vintage Wine Estates.

Jessica understands what we humans really want and really need better than 99.99% of those who fancy themselves as experts in human behavior. Jessica’s résumé is mind-blowing, and even though she’s probably best known for the total reinvention of the wine buying and wine appreciation experience, the road to her current position included working alongside iconic broadcasters like Dianne Sawyer of 60 Minutes fame and leading the reimagination of many of the world’s most iconic brands like Donna Karan, Razorfish and Giorgio Armani. It’s clear to see that her whole purpose in life has been discovering and implementing new and better ways for us to connect with the world around us almost effortlessly. Jessica possesses an uncanny ability to turn obstacles into opportunities, frustration into fascination, and challenges into championships.

Jessica and her company, Vintage Wine Estates, have managed to completely rethink the consumer experience by creating wildly innovative and just plain better ways to connect products and people. It’s something that Jessica has done with unparalleled success across a wide range of industries for decades. It’s always been a challenge for consumers to fully understand companies and their products. After all, everyone learns in different ways, and there’s never been a one-size-fits-all means of bringing consumers up to speed. What makes Jessica’s approach different is that she begins by making a wealth of information available in a variety of forms and then provides ways for people to tap into that knowledge base intuitively, making the consumer experience vastly more pleasant and engaging. Think of it as an information buffet. Everything you need to make an informed decision is right there in front of you. Nibble or stuff yourself. It’s your choice, and you never have to go in search of a needle in a haystack!

And there’s one very special thing we should say about this episode of Grape Encounters. Regardless of your level of interest in this topic, Jessica’s knowledge about a huge range of topics and her irresistible personality will give you all the reasons you need to hang on to every word of this truly delightful and insightful guest!

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