September 27, 2023

Episode #719 – Immortalizing Rome’s Beloved Culinary Icon; Lindsay Gabbard of Rimessa Roscioli

The 1979 film Breaking Away chronicles the story of an Indiana teenager’s obsession with bicycling and determination to someday compete in the iconic Italian bicycle races alongside Italian cycling greats. His passion for cycling swiftly morphs into an obsession with all things Italian when the Italian racing teams come to the Hoosier State to train.

In the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, the lead character Frances, played by Diane Lane, reluctantly accepts a friend’s all-expenses-paid tour of Tuscany to combat deep depression after being served divorce papers. While ascending the winding road to San Gimignano, Frances spots a crumbling Italian villa and demands to be let off the bus, leaving her travel companions and any thought of returning to America behind.

America’s obsession with Italian culture has spawned enough motion pictures to fill the schedule of a week-long film festival on the subject. It’s the reason why Americans (including host David Wilson) are applying for Italian citizenship and long-term visas in record numbers, and it is why today’s guest, Lindsay Gabbard, serendipitously came to Rome’s internationally beloved Rimessa Roscioli in 2015 for a wine tasting and never left. She is now a sommelier and co-owner at Rimessa, the vineria offshoot of the storied institution Roscioli, and co-founder of the Roscioli Italian Wine Club.

The Roscioli brand is steeped in history, deeply beloved, epitomizes Italian food and wine culture, and is well on its way to immortality, if Lindsay has anything to say about it. Luckily for us, she has plenty to say about it. So much so that we’re going to introduce her to you on this episode of Grape Encounters and then pack our bags and head to Rome, where we’ll enlist the help of Lindsay and her team to help us make sense of the deep emotional connection Americans have with the world’s most romantic country, in the coming weeks, we’ll let Roscioli’s food, wine and cultural authenticity do much of the talking, as we take one of the deepest dives in Grape Encounters’ history. Why? Because we all strive for something more… something special in our lives, and when it come to living well, Rimessa Roscioli will quickly have you under their spell.

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