September 28, 2023

Episode #722 – Could This be the Apex of Gastronomical Excellence?

Are you ready for an experience that will take your taste buds to an alternate reality? Then its time for Roscioli – the beloved Rome-based family of food and wine businesses that has been mesmerizing the most discerning foodies from around the world with their signature dishes and meticulously curated wines, craft beers, and cocktails, plus other-worldly bread and baked goods for more than four generations.

Today, Grape Encounters Radio is privileged to continue exploring this remarkable gastronomical wonderland with the assistance of Lindsay Gabbard, who you met a few weeks ago when we gave you a sneak peek at this out-of-character 3-part Grape Encounters series. Very rarely do we devote more than a single show to any one guest or subject, but the Roscioli brand is so complex and far-reaching in the world of food and wine, we decided it would be a disservice to leave anything out. That being said, in this installment, quality time with Lindsay Gabbard continues. Lindsay is part of the owner/manager team behind the fabled Roscioli brand.

Today, you’ll learn how Lindsay’s decision to move from America to Italy was quickly cemented after experiencing all that Roscioli had to offer. What is it about this family of businesses that has elevated it to culinary cult status? We’ll also explore the depth and breadth of Roscioli’s products and programs; from their flawless coffees to meals that are literally edible art. It may sound hyperbolic to claim that, at Roscioli, each bite is more delightful than the last, but thousands of die-hard devotees can’t be wrong… and their willingness to wait weeks for an opportunity to savor Riscioli’s magic speaks volumes. Everywhere you look… every corner you turn… there is something classic or new and magical waiting for you.

Situated in Rome’s historic center, Roscioli is actually a cluster of unique and individual food, wine, bakery and craft cocktail establishments with a range of offerings that will positively satisfy anything you yearn for. To be sure, this is not a place where you go out to eat, it’s a place to experience every facet of the culinary arts and learn about the real power of food, wine and hospitality. With every bite and sip, you’ll gain perspective on what it means to savor something truly special. This week and next, take your taste buds on the ultimate journey. Join us for episode 722 of Grape Encounters Radio. You won’t regret it!

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