September 28, 2023

Episode # 723 – Incomparable Dining, Smiles Shining! Roscioli Series Finale!

Taste buds everywhere rejoice! Grape Encounters Radio is back with an unforgettable final installment of our special series featuring Rome’s most revered family of gastronomical businesses, Roscioli. In this episode, part owner and manager Lindsay Gabbard takes us behind the scenes of each of their businesses devoted to flavors and encounters that are nothing short of extraordinary. We will get up close and personal with the products they produce day in and day out, from delicious coffees to dining experiences that patrons will never forget. In the second half of the show, you’ll get to meet a fellow who embodies the charm and hospitality of this one-of-a-kind brand, Tommaso Borghi, manager of the Roscioli Cafe: If Roscioli had a comedy improve, Tommaso would surely be its headliner!

Tune into Episode 724 of Grape Encounters Radio and feel the joy. You’ll experience the magic that is Italian food while learning how one can achieve absolute perfection in every facet of their business. Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey as we explore all that Roscioli has to offer. From bread so masterful you find yourself pondering how it could possibly be this delicious, to dining experiences that guests are more than happy to wait months to experience. Of course, there’s never a wait for their legendary, coffees, pastries, pizza and take-away options – there’s something here for everyone.

But we must warn you… Do not listen to this episode on an empty stomach! So don’t wait a second more! Download or listen to Episode 723 of Grape Encounters Radio and be dazzled by the wonders that only Roscioli can bring.

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