September 28, 2023

Episode #731 – Wine, Weather, and Whimsy: A Reunion With Palm Springs Meteorologist Patrick Evans

Ah, behold what the El Niño tides have brought in! A reunion, a dozen years in the making, is upon us. This week on Grape Encounters Radio, host David Wilson extends a warm welcome to former colleague and friend Patrick Evans. It feels like only yesterday that these two broadcasting veterans were enlightening and entertaining their respective audiences in the Coachella Valley. Though technically on opposing teams, their shared love for all things gourmet created an undeniable bond.

In those days, David was the familiar voice guiding listeners through their afternoon drive on Palm Springs’ premier news and talk radio station, while Patrick solidified his position as one of Southern California’s most beloved and congenial Meteorologists on KESQ, the region’s top TV news station. Today, they reunite, sharing the studio virtually for a special episode of Grape Encounters, promising hearty laughs, nostalgia, and a deep dive into their mutual passion for food and wine.  We should note that Patrick is still going strong at KESQ today.

As the Mediterranean sun relentlessly graces Italy, and indeed much of the world, with historic intensity, David and Patrick find themselves in a playful tug-of-war of envy. Patrick confesses a longstanding desire for David’s Italian lifestyle, while David admits he’d happily swap just about anything for the refreshing oasis of swimming pools speckling the Coachella Valley cities, including Palm Springs, La Quinta, Palm Desert, and Cathedral City.  One thing is clear – their shared Italian heritage and love for its captivating food, wine, and culture considerably enrich their rapport.

In between the friendly jests and reminiscences, Patrick shares the inspiration behind starting his Italian Sausage company, a tribute to his father’s legacy. Simultaneously, David regales listeners with his experiences residing and working in Italy’s Abruzzo Wine Region. At its core, this episode encapsulates the essence of Grape Encounters Radio: the remarkable ability of wine to unite people and cultivate extraordinary relationships. As we toast to age-old friendships and fresh adventures, we invite you to tune in to Grape Encounters Episode #731. It’s not merely a radio show; it’s a jubilant celebration of life, companionship, and the shared enjoyment of wine.

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