September 28, 2023

Episode #734 – The Grape Divide: A Sober Look at the Relationship Between Wine Price and Quality

Is the relationship between wine price and quality equitable?  Welcome to another off-the-beaten-path episode from the Grape Encounters Radio Studios! Each week, we strive to present engaging and enlightening content from a fresh and unique perspective that you likely won’t find anywhere else. Every episode of Grape Encounters focuses on the adventures, unique personalities, and latest news that make the world of wine interesting and fun. Grape Encounters is a place to learn, laugh and unwind with like-minded wine enthusiasts. Join your host, David Wilson, as he presents this week’s eye-opening show.

In this week’s episode, we dive into the perplexing relationship between the price of a bottle of wine and its quality. The economy of scales may work well in big-box stores where more spending equals more savings. But when it comes to wine, spending more money can often be seriously disproportionate to the increase in wine quality. If you splurge 50% more on a bottle of wine, don’t expect the quality to skyrocket by 50%. In fact, if you crunch the numbers, you might find that the increase in quality might only be 10 or 20%.

Host David Wilson delves deep into this issue, unraveling the mystery behind wine ratings and their correlation with pricing. With some wines rated on a five-star system similar to Yelp, and others using the classic hundred-point rating system popularized by Robert Parker, it was necessary to find a way to convert the star rating into a point rating equivalency.

With this information, David scrutinizes what your money will fetch you at different price levels. The results are astonishing and serve as a wake-up call for all wine lovers. We need to pay attention to what we’re actually getting when we shell out more cash. This week’s show presents some very compelling arguments for paying extra special attention to what you spend versus what you get. The truth may not set you free, but it will definitely keep you from squandering too much money on a bottle of wine that simply doesn’t justify the price tag.

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