June 5, 2023

Episode #282 – How the Right Glass Can Dramatically Alter Your Wine Enjoyment, with George Riedel

This week, David had the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable event. David begins the show by saying that he’s not a seminar guy and has never sat thru a complete seminar in his life, but says this one was mesmerizing.   That’s because the man at the front of the room is a larger than life giant in the wine industry, George Riedel. He’s also David’s guest this week.

This particular seminar was about wine glass shapes and how they change your perception of wine. Numerous wine industry experts attended the event, including a couple of David’s good friends. The first is Leslie Gainer who’s been an executive, a nationally recognized journalist, a founding member of the Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association, a consultant and speaker in the wine and gourmet foods industries and has created and run multiple wine retail establishments. Leslie joins David on the show along with another friend of Grape Encounters, Laurie Wiesneth. Laurie worked her way up the ranks of the wine industry from tasting room attendant to wine distribution to wine importation, wine brokerage and much more. Laurie and Leslie join David in a spirited dialogue with the owner of the most recognized and respected producer of wine glassware in the world.

When you step into the best tasting rooms, chances are they will pour their wines into Riedel Glassware. Riedel has built an extraordinary reputation creating wine glasses that show each wine’s fullest potential. And at the helm of Riedel is the company’s owner, George Riedel. George spends a great deal of quality time sharing truly remarkable information about how the right wine glass can totally change your perception of the wine it contains. George Riedel is a giant in the industry and this is a gigantic interview for Grape Encounters listeners to savor!

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