June 16, 2024

Ep. 108 – Grape Encounters Goes Sideways!

On this week’s wildly entertaining episode of Grape Encounters, David chats with a man whose book inspired a movie about wine that changed the way America enjoys the beverage and associated lifestyle. Author of “Sideways,” which was adapted into an Academy Award winning feature film, Rex Picket literally altered the habits and tastes of wine lovers everywhere by his depiction of a man who prefers Pinot to Merlot…spawning what is now referred to as the “Sideways’ Effect.”

Famed restaurateur Robert Simon also chats with David about his recent move from the Napa Valley to Pasadena to open A/K/A Bistro, hoping to bring a bit of the famous wine region to the LA Basin. Robert shares thoughts about his new eatery as well as an ambitious Santa Barbara County wine-tasting event he will soon host.

Also on the show is Matt DuBow, whose family-built company, EpicStyle.com has affected wine culture at large by introducing a wide range of products like wine charms, which have become “must have” items at dinner parties and gatherings around the globe.

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