April 12, 2024

Ep. 157 — A Triple Dose of Decadence

Under the Tuscan Sun Screenwriter and Director Audrey Wells calls Sherri Dobay’s Daily Decadence a book that is “Unapologetically Over the Edge”.  We being this week’s show with a little eavesdropping into Sherri’s daily decadent world and the attitude that makes it all work for her!  Then, our search for decadence moves to Sonoma Wine Country where Tim Zahner, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Sonoma County Tourism Board, know how take any wine adventure in his territory over the top.   Finally, the always decadent Matt Dubow, our EpicStyle.com Gadget Guru tells us which products for wine lovers he thinks are the most decadent of all.  Come on!  Live a little on Grape Encounters Radio!

[haiku url=”https://grapeencounters.com/media/ep157ge072812podcast.mp3″ player=1761]

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