February 25, 2024

Bear Creek Winery in Homer, Alaska

Episode #220 – There’s No Wine ‘Attitude’ at Latitude 59. We’re Going North to Alaska!

Put on your thermals and grab your corkscrew because this week’s Grape Encounter starts at a winery on the 59th Parallel. Host David Wilson welcomes Louis Maurer from the Bear Creek Winery in Homer, Alaska. It may be the end of the road among North American professional winemakers, but they’ve accepted what will be known for years to come as the Alaskadero Challenge! Sara Schneider, wine editor of Sunset Magazine, makes her debut weekly appearance for Sipping with Sara. And, Tom Silberkleit of the California Directory of Fine Wines is in the house for a conversation about his many exciting experiences traversing wine country and sorting out good from the bad and the ugly. Matt Dubow is also in with more wine gadget chat from EpicStyle.com.

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