April 12, 2024

Episode 268 — Bubbles, Sparkles and Gas! Conversations with a Wiz on Fizz!

Veteran Burgundian winemaker Christian Roguenant perfected his craft making bubbly in the Champagne Region of his native France. Today he oversees winemaking at the Niven Family Wine Estates, which produce several premium labels, including Baileyana, Tangent, Trenza, Cadre and Zocker.

Christian Roguenant
Christian Roguenant

On this edition of Grape Encounters, Christian joins host David Wilson and explains the difference between a wide variety of sparkling wines with enlightening facts and down-to-earth language and a delightful disposition that will have you wanting more! (More bubbly and conversation!) If you’re not totally sure about the difference between American sparkling wines, Cava, Champagne and other fizzy fare, this is a must listen-to episode.

Sarah Schneider pic
Sara Schneider

Christian is followed by his good friend Sara Schneider, Wine Editor of Sunset Magazine, who is feeling a bit miffed about the number of “corked” wines she has recently encountered. What does it mean? How does it happen… and how can you fix it? David and Sara can tell you how!

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